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10-04-2011, 11:48 PM
I was reading another thread about seasons and i got to thinking about the season themselves. I post this because i'd like to hear your opinions on the seasons and which is the best for bushcrafting and such. Any stories woudl be nice, and this is just a conversation topic. I hope you don't get bored out. I'll start:

I love autumn the most. Why? Because it is the best season to me. It's chilly, and brisk,soemtimes cold, but the sun really warms up in Michigan. It's windy a lot, most of the autumn and winter, which brings the temps down, but bearable. I love to see the changing of the trees, there's just so much here in Michigan that it's amazing. The frost with the golden and red, yeller and orange trees with the pumpkins and orange lights, is just spectacular. The steam of your breath in the air is also cool. It's fun to rake leaves when it's chilly and you go inside and a cold glass of water feel warm because you've been breathing cold air. A nice bowl of soup, or a hot sandwich, or cup of coffee, or coco, it's really fun. Working outside in a heavy flannel and your boots, it's just so fun! It's also the best monthe for hunting. You can see for a hundred yards or more in the woods. My brother likes to pop off at squirrels at 110 yards.
Winter in Michigan is pretty blan i say. It's mostly brown with frost and melting snow. Kinda ugly actually(in the city leastways). I love it because no one is outside. In the warm months, people are aout, in the winter, you see no one, even in parking lots. I lvoe shoveling snow, i really do. The more powder, the better. I love building snow mountians at the ends of my drive, shoveling with my brother. Cleaning the cars off. Most of all, i love a good snow around Christmas. It makes me feel that i'm in the Chirstmas carols, without the chipmunks roasting over the fire. I love seeing everything coverd in white powder snow. The trees and lines, houses with smoke from the chimneys and the like, it's just awesome. I get the feeling that with winter, the land is made pure again, ready for the next year.
Spring, i love spring because the world comes back to life. The greening of the trees is so beautiful. My favorite part of this is when we go down to the southern part of the sate to plant flowers on my ancestors graves for Memorial Day weekend. The grass is green, and the trees are green as well, the wild flowers are bright and tall. I go down through fields and such, so lots of green and flowers. I love walking though the cemeteries, looking at the graves, reading the dates and saying a small prayer or thanks to the buried vetrans of WWII, Korea. I see some graves that just have "Son" as the name. Quite a lot of those actually, but they're so small, and old, i think it is really cool to see, and i look foward every year to doing that. I, with my family go to my aunts farm, have a barbaque with the family, jam with my cousin on guitars, listen to old stories, tell new ones, and laugh all day. Go out to the pond(watering hole) and pop off about 300 rds of .22LR, have a bonfire at night, and go squala bear hunting at night in my uncles woods.
Summer, well, is my leat favorite season. I like it because it's nice to see all the green, and there is a lot. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. I like the 4th of July, and the fireworks, and the barbaques. It's also the hottest part of the year, which sucks at work because it is 10 degrees hotter inside where i work. 95 degrees, 100 degrees inside, or worse. I don't get out much, my schudele takes up my day, so i have early mornings and nghts for fishing with friends. I like it, but i'm not a fan. If i lived in the country, then i'd be mroe happy, but anyways.

That's my love for the season, long and detailed. What's yours?

10-04-2011, 11:53 PM
Fall and Winter because here in Texas it dosen't get bitter cold so it's nice to be out with a fire. Least is Spring and Summer because it's just way too hot here in spring it's like 98 and summer is like 115!!!

10-05-2011, 12:26 AM
Love Spring Summer Fall the best summer especially favorite time to ride though spring and fall are a close second just doesn't get hot enough for me. I love to sweat my rear off when I ride so for me the hotter and more humid the better. I used to not be such a fan of the winter the started riding a bit last year when it was super cold out and found it very refreshing to be out. Will be doing more this year to. But the warmer months for me are the tops get to be outside without much clothes on LOL :D

10-05-2011, 12:29 AM
Fall is best in my neck of the woods..........no snakes, no bugs......cool enough to build a campfire in the evening.....cool, brisk mornings........perfect weather.

10-05-2011, 12:41 AM
Fall and Winter because here in Texas it dosen't get bitter cold so it's nice to be out with a fire. Least is Spring and Summer because it's just way too hot here in spring it's like 98 and summer is like 115!!!

Yeah, i've been to Texas a bit, down by San Antonio and Bexar county. It's a nice place, espically the Riverwalk at night in the summer. Texas is the only place you can go as a tourist(i visit family and friends, so it's not exactly new to me) and feel like you kicked some ass.

Remember the Alamo!

10-05-2011, 12:48 AM
Autumn is also best here, but winter is close behind it because since it's usually so ugly nobody else goes out in it other than to and from their car and buildings. So any hunting or hiking you do is pretty much assuredly alone, lol.

Spring and summer kinda suck but to tell the truth I think I'd get sick of having a single season go on and on. By the end of the winter I'm ready for some greenery, lol!

But if I had to pick a season it'd be Fall...


10-05-2011, 12:51 AM
Fall is best here in the Rockies; the color of the trees turning, brisk nights, warm days, dry fly fishing, bird hunting on the Plains...it just doesn't get much better. And then we freeze our a$$e$ off for 4 months...



10-05-2011, 12:56 AM
I wont even talk about Summer and Spring, the worst seasons for me so they do not count for me!!!

Fall: Gotta love the color changes from forest green to big bird yellow all the way down to crimson red, always perfect scenery for photos. Mild weather, not to cold and easy on my allergies.

Winter: By far my favorite season. Im happier in some 20 degree weather, snow or no snow, just the cold makes everything better for me. Asthma and bad allergies means im worthless in the summer and spring, but in the winter im at 150%.

But I agree with Garanor (still getting used to the name change, Trek), by the time winter is over I'm ready for some heat and a change of scenery.


10-05-2011, 01:00 AM
Each season has it's charms, and it very much depends where you are. But I like August-October for the fall weather and the winter months precisely because you can go out and enjoy the solitude. Having said this, when Spring comes, it is great as well.