View Full Version : compresion panels and straps alice

11-12-2011, 02:19 AM
Im thinking about an alice pack (probably a large). Has anyone added a compression panel (or a add on pouch compresion panel) and or nice horizontal compresion straps? Im thinking that this combined with the fastex mods strapped to my hideaway pack frame would make an ideal heavy carry meat hauling as well as day/ overnight hunting pack. The reason I want the compresion panel and straps is to stash my bow while mountain biking in or lashing meat to the frame and pack .Hope this makes scense. thanks

11-12-2011, 09:53 AM
not sure what you mean by a compression panel, sounds interesting though...woods

11-12-2011, 10:06 AM
I added horizontal compression straps to my large alice and it works great. I did this to reduce it's girth; so it doesn't stick out as far from your back. What I did is fold the excess fabric over onto itself and then tighten the straps so the fabric is pulled against the frame, and stays in place. It makes the backpack about 6" more narrow on each side. Now it's about the size of a 3 day pack, but holds more than the medium. When I need the large size, i just loosen the straps and it's back to normal.

11-12-2011, 01:39 PM
"woods" compression panels are used alot on hunting packs they are a vertical flap that you can use like a set of compression straps exept the panel distributes the compresion across the load, as a side benifit the panel adds a nice place to stuff a sweat shirt a bow or any other bulkyish item.