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Thread: Condor Bushcraft Parang initial impressions.

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    Default Condor Bushcraft Parang initial impressions.

    First, the usual caveat: I am a relative novice when it comes to machetes/parangs/goloks/other big knives, so please bear that in mind when reading my comments.

    I really like the Bushcraft parang as a general-purpose blade with an emphasis on chopping. The weight and balance are good, I like the handle and it fits my hand well. It cuts wood well with minimal effort. It does an excellent job with the usual batoning and fuzz sticks. I did not check the spine to see how it would strike sparks. It may have been fine, but I took a file to it to make sure I had a nice, flat/square section before I remembered that someone might be interested in knowing how it did out of the box.

    Things I did not like about it:

    -The sheath. Given the superb quality of Condor's leather sheath, I am amazed that they would let such a totally useless piece of crap be associated with one of their machetes. If you are not careful when you are inserting the blade, you will miss the minimal edge guard and slice the side of the sheath. I did find a fix for this. I purchased a small piece of roof flashing - I think it was 2.5" x 2.5" x 5" - at the hardware store, slipped it into the sheath opening, and bent the exposed corner back over the lip of the sheath. I then duct taped over the exposed edge so I would not slice my hand on it. It works fine know, but I still don't trust it.

    -The factory edge. I don't know if mine was typical, but it was more suitable to kitchen work than chopping wood. Within the first 15 minutes of limbing and doing some light chopping it had dented and rolled quite badly. Fortunately machetes are easy to sharpen. I filed all the damage out of the blade. put a more obtuse edge bevel on it, and went back to work. The edge has held up extremely well since then.

    Since many machetes require a little bit of work out of the box, I don't see adjusting the edge to one's own preferences as a problem.

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