Hey Folks,

It is not often that I am impressed enough to actually speak up about something well worth the money or effort or time, but I will make an exception now.

I just received the BK-2 and BK-14 today and am truly impressed with the BK-2. It is hefty, substantial, 'manly' if you will, and sharp enough out of the box to cut through the yucca, cholla, century plants, and mesquite in my backyard like they were balsa wood.

Needless to say, I was instantly attracted to the beefy, ready-for-action blade and the handle fits my overly large hand like a custom job.

This blade will now join my short list of life's 'best' things;

Ruger MK-II Bull barrel pistol
'55 Chevy
Saiga 12 ga shotgun
my custom Khukris

As you can see, I like things meant to last a lifetime.

Thank you for your genius Mr. Becker!

My hat is off to you.