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Thread: 511 Tactical - MOAB 10 Review

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    Default 511 Tactical - MOAB 10 Review

    Recently I ordered a MOAB 10 and a Rush 72 and said I would review them.

    So I figured I'd start with the MOAB 10. This will be an on going review as I feel the newness needs to wear off before one can really determine the pluses and minuses of a piece of gear.

    511 Tactical MOAB 10 (Mobile Operations Attachment Bag)
    1050D Nylon with water resistant coating, web platform and loop-sided Velcro.
    Main compartment- 18.25"H x 9"L x 5.25"D
    Front compartment- 12.5"H x 8"L x 2"D
    YKK zippers throughout.
    Color is Sandstone which to me at least, leans a little to the green side than the tan side.

    Initial impressions. Rugged, Great quality, No loose threads anywhere, Good amount of back padding, Great grab handle, Lots of PALS webbing. Lots of pockets. I count at least seventeen, but there might be more.

    As with most military style packs it runs on the heavy side. My scale has it at just 3lbs. (Minus the Tier 1 Straps) The white stuff is PT/TP like American Express, I don't leave home without it.

    Overall it appears to be a well built, well thought out pack. What are Tier 1 Straps you ask? They are included with the Moab packs and are 4 straps that allow attachment of the Moab series bags to the larger RUSH series packs. A nice idea as it will allow one to split the load after reaching camp and use the lighter, smaller bag as a day bag.

    My jacket and a good shot of the inner fleece lined pocket.

    This bag will swallow a lot of stuff. I took it on a three mile hike this morning. It was the maiden voyage so I went light. It ate my Saber jacket(also from 511). Also I carried an ESEE 6 with Molle back and front pouch. stuffed in the middle. My Garmin 60CSX went in the nice fleece lined pocket located on top just behind the straps. A good location as it's nicely protected. It is designed for glasses or other delicate stuff. Still there is a ton more room. I'm betting weight will limit this pack before space does.

    It can be carried slung over either shoulder. The bottom part of the strap not being used stuffs into it's own pocket. There are two bottom strap halves one left, one right. I thought this might be a pressure point at first, but so far no issues. We shall see. It also has a small pocket on the strap. I'm thinking flashlight batteries or some other smaller items. Between the pocket and the strap is another small pouch that I think will swallow my Silva Ranger in a convenient easy to access spot.

    Another nice feature which I did not get a good shot of is the pouch between the main bag and the admin pouch. It is, as 511 calls it a Back Up Belt System. A very convenient pistol compartment. Full velcro across the opening for security, but with a pull tab for quick access. While wearing the bag, grab the bottom of the bag and pull it around to your front side. You not only have easy access to many of the bags compartments. Your hand falls nicely to your firearm. Very nice and no frightening the masses. Totally unobtrusive if you choose not to use it. Or stash maps in there for easy access.

    A complaint some folks had with earlier Rush packs was the were no bottom straps or webbing for attaching gear. Also the 511 name tag was to big and interfered with the the pals webbing on the front of the pack. Both issues have been addressed on the Moab and newer Rush series packs. The Moab has this setup. More than enough to carry a poncho or rain gear, maybe even a sleeping pad.

    So how did it carry? As I said, I went light. This is my first shoulder sling pack so I was unsure what to expect. The first few minutes were sort of fidgety, But after a bit it just kind of disappeared. That's the best you can ask of a pack on your back.

    As I get the Load Out sorted I'll add more in this thread. Hope this helps folks. And by the way, I have no affiliation with 511.

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    Thanks for the review I have had my Rush 72 since they first came out and love it. Now I am sure that I will get a MOAB to piggy back on it.

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    I with they would make a civvie COVRT version of the MOAB bag with the fannypack CCW pouch like their select carry pack.


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