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Thread: Great Lakes Traditional Arts Meeting Aug 2 2012

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    Default Great Lakes Traditional Arts Meeting Aug 2 2012

    I'm not affiliated with group, but I went to the meeting in 2010 and had a great time.

    The Great Lakes Traditional Arts Meeting (Previously known as the Great Lakes Primitive Gathering) will be held this year in the Upper Pennisula, Michigan during Aug 2 - 5. The location is Drummond Island.

    Among other things, the big feature is that they have Sam Thayer (author of the Forager's Harvest and its companion book - Nature's Garden) at the event who will be teaching wild edibles. This is more of an arts and crafts show with a few classes on bushcraft, archery, rope work, atlatle, brain tanning and others.

    The event is catered, with meals trucked in. Trust me, its worth going for the cater package. The food is that good. An excellent event to go with your spouse and children. The registration fee is $250/adult. You will need to bring about $200 cash for various course material fees depending on how many courses you take. At the end of the course, there is a trade blanket and the instructors hold an auction and there are usually a bunch of amazing things to have. So bring cash if you want in on these. Yep, the meeting will cost you a tonne of cash.

    For me, its still cheaper than going on a vacation where I fly somewhere with the wife and have to stay in a hotel. I guess you sort of have to think of it in that mindset as to going to a meet-up or on a camping trip.

    ITS NOT A SURVIVAL COURSE or anything like that. Its more family orientated.

    I plan on going with my wife this year. I hope some others might be interested. I've attached the link to the website and their flyer for those who might be interested. Hope to see you there!


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    thanks for the heads up

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    Thanks also! Might have time to plan on going to this ... Looking for others from the Midwest who might be interested!

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    I might be interested. I could really use the editable plant training and Sam is the master. I have even given his book away as gifts to my hiking buddies.

    Drummon Island has been on my list for some time so this might kill too birds with one stone.

    I am in Florida right now so we will have to see how much money I have left after this.


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