I don't remember if it was my first, but it was one of my first and probably my first "big" gun shooting.

I had gone with my dad and some other family out pheasant hunting. I was too young to shoot and too old to leave at home so I was the dog... flush 'em and duck.

After the day was done, my dad asked if I wanted to shoot his smooth-bore, double barrel, blackpowder shotgun he had used that day for a challenge. Heck, yeah!!

I lined up in front of the truck, took aim at an ear of corn set up for the target and BOOM!!!

Making the typical rookie shooter's mistake of not keeping the buttstock tight to my shoulder and with a gun that kicked like a mule was bad enough, but I was also standing really close to the truck. So when it punched my shoulder it knocked me back into the truck grill. I ended up with bruises on the front AND back of my shoulder.

But I drilled that ear of corn and kept it nailed to a board in my room for quite a while.