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Thread: USGI Alice Pack Waterproof Liner?

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    I almost always went for the trash bag instead. It just allowed me better use of the space inside the ruck. The waterproof bag worked even with the occasional small hole but wasn't really sized to take advantage of the inside space. With most of my gear inside ziplock baggies inside that bag everything was good. The waterproof bag got used for the sleeping bag outside of the ruck.

    If space isn't an issue with what you are putting inside the waterproof bag is a nice bit of kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodsrunner View Post
    these are apparently military issue
    coated rip stop nylon check it out

    Yes they are, but they are old stock and were never really issued in great numbers. For a good reason. They are very lightweight and puncture easily. They are made lightweight ripstop nylon bonded to a thin rubber coating. Exquisitely made, but very light and fragile. They were normally issued as a set - one large bag for the main medium ALICE compartment and three smaller bags for the external pouches. I have a set and consider them more a collector's item than anything else.

    The heavier weight (and current issue) USGI waterproof bag is great, but I would not buy one that is used. The main reason used ones find their way onto the surplus market is because they developed leaks. When turning in field gear as part of the installation clearance process your issued waterproof bag was inspected for any leaks -pin holes, tears, etc. If any were found the bag was tossed into a 'reject' bin and hauled off to DRMO for sale as surplus waste.

    If you can find them new in the bag (and at a good price) then they are a great deal. And of course, the M1A1 Bag, Trash, Black In Color (i.e., heavy duty contractor or lawn and leaf trash bag) works great too.

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    Got both my "hard to find" Woodland Rain Cover and my Size 2 USGI Liner.
    I checked the liner for any obvious holes, but didn't see any.

    I've decided to not spray my pack with any type of waterproofing sprays,
    but I will give the rain cover a coating just for that little "extra" barrier.

    Best part, I got the cover for about $8. and the liner for $5. Not bad.
    Now, I can take my time in looking for a high quality interior dry bag
    and continue to acquire waterproof cases for my exterior pouches
    and a nice big one for the interior for things like fire kits, books, etc...

    Will have pics up in a week or 2. My Hellcat is "Under Re-Construction".

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