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I've been able to download G.W Sears Woodcraft & Camping onto my Kindle fire, but not Horace Kephart's camping and Woodcraft...

For those who may have read both...is there a difference?

I've downloaded also John Mead Gould's How to Camp Out...is it worth the read?
Took me the longest time to be able to remember which was which. Yes, i've read both (they are on my bedside bookshelf, with about 10 other classic old timey woods writer's books), and re-read them frequently.

Sears was an interesting little dude. He seems to have spent a lot of time canoeing the Adirondacks from one hotel to the next. I'm not sure he regularly spent more than a couple nights out at a time before restocking at the next hotel, cleaning up, submitting his stories by mail, and moving out again. Kinda like an AT Thru-hiker hits town every few days for a shower and more food. nothing wrong with it, just saying i think that's what he did, mostly. his pack and canoe (16lbs and 10 lbs, respectively) are light, but he was little (5-?, about 100 lbs, and had tuberculosis). i've seen his canoes in the adirondack museum in blue mtn lake, NY. tiny. but they worked for him. he also writes about a weeklong trek that ended up taking 10 days. i'm sure he was a competent woodsman, but i think his writing duties created a slightly idyllic legacy.

Kephart was also an interesting guy. He was a trained librarian by trade, but there's a suspicion his wife fooled around on him, and he wouldn't live with her. an alternate theory is that his drinking may have caused the rift. in any case, kephart spent a lot of years living by himself in the smokies, experimenting with things, living what he wrote about in all seasons (not just ny summers), and in general contributing a great deal of useful information to the sporting community.

I personally find Kephart's "Camping and Woodcraft" to be the more useful of the two books.

Warren Miller, Edward Breck, Claude Fordyce, Steward White, GO Shields, Robert Pinkerton, and Dillon Wallace are also good authors, if you like the older stuff... some of it's kinda quaint, but it's interesting reading to me.

Oh. and i liked Gould's book too.