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Thread: Second Christmas Knife Refurbishment Complete

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    Default Second Christmas Knife Refurbishment Complete

    Today I completed the sheath for a knife I refurbished as a gift to my dad. I remember it as a spray-painted prybar with an electrical tape handle. I redid the handle with leather and wood from a tree in my yard. I kept the original hand-guard, but I ground it down to more of a puukko style...

    The sheath is a simple dangler with a plastic insert for the blade. I heated up a coffee can and formed it to the blade. The design on the sheath is supposed to be Bag End above a stylized K for our last name.

    Here is another pic with the knife I made for my wife.

    Thanks for looking... now on to some file knives! Cut one blade out today.
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    Nice lookin kit!

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