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Thread: Longbow prices

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    Does it have to be a longbow ? How about a recurve ? I bought a #50 Ben Pearson Cougar for $35 in a second hand shop over 35 years ago and its still serving me well. Check pawn shops, the ones around here have them from time to time at decent prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seeker View Post
    I took a chance at a $100 70's era Bear Grizzly recurve off Ebay... it had a dent or cut in the handle... looked like it had been in a pile of stuff on someone's workbench and someone pulled a handsaw across it, or dropped something on it... turned out to be purely cosmetic, and I have a good bow. i think it was $77 and 20 shipping... something close to that. most of the ones in better shape were running around $125...

    My arrows ran about $10 apiece, with target points, nocked and fletched. they're carbon fiber with a woodgrain print. I got a dozen, but you only really need 5 to shoot/practice... more than that, they start getting hit by other arrows.

    Made my own armguard from a piece of latigo leather i got from the friend who made my first quiver (looks a lot like this one. )

    My shooting glove was about $12. A tab is cheaper (around half that, iirc) but i don't like it as much. It was 3 layers, and kinda fiddley... if i had one with just one layer, i might use that.

    My bow-mounted quiver was about $80... I'm sure you could come up with something cheaper on your own.

    My target is one of those YellowJacket ones, but you can get 2 stacked bales of hay for $9 a bale, or $35 for a round bale, at least around here, and stick some paper plates on it with a stick.

    So, let's see... 100, 80, 50, 12, plus 18 for the hay... That's about $260.

    edit: wait. i forgot the string... it cost me about $20 for a new bowstring.
    I also picked up a Bear Recurve, a Bruin with Montgomery Wards marking, for about $70.00. A great shooter it is on loan to a friend of mine starting out in archery. Most bow folks are decent people.

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    Falco Legend Flatbow is by Falco in Estonia and won the European IFAA Gold for men in 1999,it costs around 190 and if i was to buy another bow it would be this one. it has a good action goes to prove you dont have to spend a small fortune to get a good bow.

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