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Thread: Long bow and 30" draw

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    I have a 31" draw and I love to shoot my Bear Montana longbow. It is a 55# and release clean and smooth. If you shop hard you can find them in the $200ish range. They are pretty tried and true. Happy day

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    I have to add somthing. Were all of you shooting compound bows at one time. Cause your anchor point for a compound bow has your shoulders further apart than with a longbow. Besides the fact that with a longbow you have to kant the bow at an angle for archers paradox to happen or at least have a huge shelf. Try seeing if you can shorten your draw length. With a compound bow your arm is completly extended, allowing the straight line from release to arrow shelf. With a longbow, alot of people anchor on the side of their mouth kant the bow over about 30 degrees. Just my input.

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    if you want your longbow to be 50 pounds at 30 inches, for exemple, find one that is 45 at 28 inches at a comfortable length for your draw and height. i had a martin longbow at 60 pounds for 28 inches. my draw was right at 30 inches (i am 6-1 but with long arms and a pretty wide back) with a corner-of-the-mouth kiss. the bow length is 68 inches, iirc. my youngest son has it now. he may want to sell it. are you sure your recurve draw length is the same as your long bow draw length? my recurve draw length for a 50-pound bear was an inch longer with a more erect stance, and deeper fistmele ...

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