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Thread: Harbor Freight Magnesium Fire Starter

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    Default Harbor Freight Magnesium Fire Starter

    decided to try out one of those cheap firestarters from harbor freight.

    While I got it to spark and light a cotton ball you can tell it isn't well made.

    i normally use th thick chinese ferro rods and have no issues getting sparks. I have also used the coleman mag blocks with the small rods and those work ok.

    The one from habor freight threw the least amount of sparks of any of the ones I have used. I have seen posts time to time from people having trouble using ferro rods especially the small ones attached to the mag block,s I imagine anyone not accustomed to starting a fire with a ferro rod would have a pretty hard time with this one.

    if you are experianced using firesteels and mag blocks you would be ok starting a fire with it. Your biggest worry should be losing the rod off of it. They look like they are not to securly attached and could pop off the mag block pretty easy.

    The striker took it comes with works just fine, it is sort of like a hacksaw blade with wider teeth.

    I will definatly stick to the larger china made rods you can get for a few bucks on ebay, I find those throw big globs of sparks.

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    i have some of these too. i had to lightly sand of the coating on the rod and mine sparked just fine...there was a issue awhile back with the mag bars not being mag. now i always check both to make sure. hope this helps yours.


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