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Thread: Backpacking pet peeves......

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    If I want to go to a specific place ( a specific trail, peak, fishing spot, whatever), I can't begrudge anyone I come across there even if it is crowded. I made the choice to go to a popular spot.

    If I want to be alone in the woods, I go where I am unlikely to run into others. I choose lightly used trails and/or bushwack.

    If I do come across someone, I treat them with respect and always greet them with a hello or a wave, the same way you do when driving on a backroad 10 miles from the nearest blacktop. You never know when you may need the assistance of a fellow woodland traveler.

    That doesn't mean that I am not somewhat (or even very) annoyed by that person's... presence. But they have no less right than I do to be there, and we are there for much the same reason no matter how I judge him by his gear or attitude.

    I have gotten the 'look' from other hikers -all the time- that silently says, 'You a-hole, I came here for the solitude.' Yeah, you and me both buddy, I think as I greet him with a smile and a wave.

    When I get that look on a really popular trail, I can only shake my head though. Trails are civilization. You can take almost any maintained hiking trail in North America to a road that will lead you to the Empire State Building.

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    My biggest gripe is finding used condoms in the woods; believe it or not, this has happened more than once. I mean, we're all very happy for you, but could't you just clean up afterward??!
    In any event, one time on an approx. 5 mile stretch of gravel road (a road walk section of the Sheltowee Trace in KY), my wife and I counted over 100 light beer cans and bottles tossed out on the side of the road. It was pretty ridiculous...

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    Default Dogs off their lease

    Seing & passing dogs off their lease, and its even worse when I see a tint woman with a massive dog that is off its lease and she yells form 25 yards back. "Hes Harmless" One little lady had a Great Dane that weights more than her tied to a 12 foot shoestring!

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    If you're not deep in the backwoods, those condoms are probably from johns or other sexual deviants, not couples. That would be why they're disrespectfully left about and not cleaned up.

    As for running into people, that hardly ever happens for me the way I hike. I only use the people trails to get me into the woods a bit, then I hit the animal trails right away. I never run into people, but it is very difficult to get away from the sound of the highways. That doesn't bother me though, if anything it's a little comforting. What easier way is there to navigate and always know you can find your way out by sound? Especially being in essentially unmapped territory.

    If I'm on a long hike down manmade trails then I'll be heading out deep enough that if I run into another human they'll be more of the hardcore backpacker types of like mind as me, and not the weekend camper types. Meeting somebody when you're out in otherwise total isolation is fun and exciting I think, not annoying.

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    My backpacking pet peeve is:

    Backpackers with pet peeves!!!

    Wait, should I be peeved at myself?

    I actually like seeing toilet paper. It lets me know where not to walk!
    What I hate is "False Flaggers!"

    Guess I'm fortunate that the vast majority of my hunting, fishing, hiking, and bushcrafting takes place on private property.
    Which reminds me: Trespassers are one of my genuine pet peeves!

    To each his own, and it's okay to hate. It keeps you warm inside!


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    I generally yield to others coming toward me by stepping off the trail and waiting for them to pass. I always say hello. I find it annoying when I've shown someone this courtesy and they can't even be bothered to say "hi" back, let alone "thanks".
    Do something! You're dead a long time, and it's later than you think.

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    The only thing that gets me besides litter and vandalism is rudeness. People walking right into your camp (covered in another thread) and when you pass someone on the train and say hello and they ignore you. Seriously? "Hi how's it going?" how hard is it to say "Fine you?" or something of the kind? When you get some ass hat that just ignores you. Flat out like you didn't speak. Oh baby, I hate rude people. I can usually keep cool but that twists me.

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    Default All of the Above

    I've found that in my old rage, I no longer have a Pet Peeve.
    I keep a small herd instead.

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    I hate to hear someone's music when I am in camp. Keep your dog away from me because you may find i am not a dog lover when YOUR dog attacks me. I will attack him back harder.

    Don't litter or fowl the waters. "Leave No Trace" is what i expect from you. Watch your foul mouth or go away.

    Don't put your camp close to mine. I came here to find peace and relax. Don't think I will share my campfire because you are too lazy to make your own or have no skill to build one for yourself. Bear Bag your food and smellables and help keep bears away from all the camps.

    As was altready said, "Don't just walk into my camp. Ask permission to come in. You may get a warm welcome if you do.

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    [I]seriously guys??
    I was in a good mood this morning until I read all of these posts. My peeve.....BAD ATTITUDES.

    I spend my free time in the woods because I really love the outdoors. Using and practicing the skills I have or want to learn, watching and learning the lessons that mother nature has for me. If going to the woods is gonna piss you guys off so much, maybe you should go to the mall and remember what it could be.
    Of course when I am out I want to do exactly what I want and have the experience of a lifetime every single time, but unless you guys are gonna start shooting people for not dressing the way you think they should, or checking their pack for granola..........lighten up and enjoy the journey for what it is.

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