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Thread: Smoke out in the disposable Tee Pee . Problem solved

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheProfessor View Post
    You might try a DIY Sibley stove. I found pictures on Google and it is a cone of sheet metal that tapers to the size .of your stove pipe. This would put out a lot of heat and end the smoking. It would also be light to haul in. The tipi poles connect to an iron ring at the top so the pipe can exit. There is no bottom in the stove, so you build your fire right on the ground. If the door were cut at ground level, you could get coals out for cooking, and the draft would pull the smoke up the stack.

    In the 1860s the army used these stoves in the large, cone-shaped Sibley tents that would shelter 12 men.

    I wanted a Sibley tent with a stove like this, but I built my Adirondack shelter for less money than the tent cost!

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    I thougnt about makeing the cone out of some sheet metal I had in the barn but then I remember I have to haul this dude two miles or so to the campsight . That is unless I can get one of the younger guys to give me a hand ( hint hint)
    Then I have to find 8 straight dead saplings or branches about 12 feet long . I guess we could get by with just three .

    Ive seen picks of your cabin if thats what you mean and that thing is awesome . Do you have another shelter besides ?

    One of these days Ill learn how to do multiple quotes on a post . Is there a tutorial somewhere ?

    Hop . Must be the Mongols , clever folks ,just ask all of the known world east of the Eurals in the 11 th or 12 th century .
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