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Thread: Two firesteel blanks (army size) for $5.

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    Default Two firesteel blanks (army size) for $5.

    Saw this in another thread,

    it went a bit unnoticed. But I jumped on it as its the best deal on these I've seen. I got 6 for $15, and free shipping. When I did, another faster shipping option popped up for free, make sure to check the box. I don't know if its available for one order or if it was thrown in because I bought 3 sets.

    These are softer, and shower fire. Big thanks to the original poster for the tip!

    You can also get 8 of them for $18 with free shipping:

    That's $2.25 a piece! I missed this when buying mine. So for a little more than one light my fire army steel, why not have 8?
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