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Thread: Need handgun advice for home defense

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    Default Need handgun advice for home defense

    The wife and myself were up late watching a movie and had most of the lights in the house on. When we went to bed I had to go get my son a bottle. Less than two minutes time passed between turning off the lights and when someone violently shook our storm door on the front porch. I went over to see the door better and they did it again. I was standing right there! They had to know we were home. Called the police and checked everything out myself. While the police were searching the area someone pounded on our back door. They never were found. We don't have any problems with neighbors and no bad kids live in the area. there have been quite a few reported home invasions here in the last 3 weeks.
    I love guns, have plenty of shotguns and rifles, but never felt a need or want for hand guns. This experience has pushed us over the edge though. So I pose a question to you all; What would be a decent, low priced gun for home defense? I was thinking something in the .45 caliber. The wife is still leary of pistols and I want her to be able to handle it. Also having little to do with hand guns I don't know which ones the ammo tends to be more available for.
    We've installed a lot of newer security measures but we feel it is time to increase our security. We also plan to get our concealed carry permits now as well. We really appreciate any help that anyone has to offer!

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