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    Default Here a Buck, There A Buck Everywhere a Buck Buck

    As I've shared with you all in the past, I have a high tech sales job and getting outside really helps me clear my head and focus on various things I have. I also love wood processing. Harvesting my firewood with vintage tools. I recently saw a video where the guy was felling a tree with a cross cut saw. In order to make it easier for him, he used a branch in the ground, tied with paracord to his saw to create tension and create the reverse pull action. I thought I would try that out this past weekend.

    Armed with my trusty axe (WardsMaster Doublebit), my Woodchuck timberjack, (this thing proves itself everytime I take it out for bind free bucking), and my 1 Man Crosscut saw from Traditional Woodworker that Treeline tuned and sharpened for me, I set out to a nearby wildlife area about 15 minutes from my house. Pretty lucky to have this so close.


    The shot above shows my Woodchuck Timberjack easily holding this 15" or so log up in the air ready for bind free bucking. I have started the cut with my saw and as it was resting in the kerf, I attached red 550 cord to it, found a nearby oak branch, used my axe to sharpen one end and pounded it into the ground and attached the 550 to each end.


    He is another shot from behind the saw with the paracord attached to it. Treeline has taught me to remove all bark before sawing to keep my teeth sharp on my saw longer. Thanks, Treeline!!

    It worked "okay" as it had warmed up a bit and the branch I had pounded about a foot or so down was moving toward me through the mud. So after about halfway through the log, it was just helping to start the reverse pull of the saw away from me. After a few minutes we had success.


    You guys know that I'm also Italian and us Italians love to see our pasta our "noodles" in this case. So here are the noodles from this evolution. You can see some rather long ones. Sorry, not the best picture.


    Thanks for looking..

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