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Thread: Condor Bushlore/Baryonyxknife

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    Default Condor Bushlore/Baryonyxknife

    100_1363.jpg I just got this in the mail today, but theres a story behind it... around Christmas time, i was sent a few dollars from my mom, and wanted a bushlore. i ordered a grade B to save 5 dollars. Needless to say i was shocked at what I got, so much so.. I threw it out in the trash. Benjamin found out and messaged me. I told him I did try to email the guy who he told me to contact, but got no answer. well let me tell you what Benjamin did.... he sent me this grade A knife.. free of charge, out of his own pocket, because he did not want me to give up on Condor. Now, im totally sold. This knife freakin rocks, its pretty near spot on perfect. Anyone thinking of buying a condor product... I say jump on it right now, and buy it from Baryonyxknife you will not be dissatisfied at all. I cant thank Benjamin enough for his kindness, generosity, and friendship. I will.... when finances allow, be buying more Condor products from Baryonyxknife.. theres a boomslang out there with my name on it!

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    There's a lot you can do with a "Grade B." You shouldn't throw them away. There's starving kids in China that would have loved that knife.

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    I am pretty happy with the grade B product I bought from Baryonyxknife, and the grade A product I bought too!

    I did not see the knife you got, so I can't comment to much there. I do really appreciate the service and care shown by Baryonyx. I am low on knife cash at the moment, but when I get some, it will go to Baryonyx.

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    Thanks for the kind words, guys. I missed this yesterday somehow!

    As a Mainer, Yankee thrift runs strong in my family and Condor gives me a lot of happiness with their unparalleled (in my fairly broad experience) price/performance ratio. I want to spread that happiness as much as I can!
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