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Thread: History of Germantown tools (axes)

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    Default History of Germantown tools (axes)

    I recently received a beautifully restored Germantown axe. The restorer (Noble Ignitus) put up several posts on his blog about the process of restoring my exact axe. It is fun to read the history/see pictures of it in process. I have it hanging in my office at work, it comes home with me on the weekends.

    Here is a picture of it. I am planning on making a sign for it:
    In case of Information Security emergency, use repeatedly.


    This led me to be curious about the history of the tool and the tool company. I have spent the better part of a few evenings looking for any information on it. There is just not a lot to be had on the interwebs.

    I do plan to call the Germantown historical society today and see if they know of any books/experts I can interview. In the mean time I was wondering if there are any self proclaimed drips under pressure (experts), grand high know it alls, or some of you that are so old you remember the invention of the axe that might be able to weigh in on this subject. I am looking at compiling a book on the subject if one does not exist, and I'll post everything to my blog so that there is documentation and a way for the next curious person on the intertoobz to find these answers.

    Thank you for your time

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    I have a Germantown carpenter's hatchet, with a cross-hatched hammer face. I'd love to hear what history you're able to dig up. Good luck!

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