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Thread: Shefflers Rock Shop and geode mines

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    Default Shefflers Rock Shop and geode mines

    Several years ago I visited Shefflers Rock Shop and geode mine at Alexandria, MO. It was a real treat talking to Mrs. Sheffler in her house. It was truly a geode museum. She could tell you anything you ever wanted to know about geodes. I found several nice geodes in her mine. My oldest grandson wants to go geode hunting so I immediately thought of Shefflers. However, I have heard the highway dept. took the rock shop and built a highway where it stood. Does anyone know if the mines are still open? I would like to have information about them if they are. I also understand geodes are found in the Keokuk, IA area and the Bedford, IN area. Can anyone give me some information about places to hunt geodes in any of these areas? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Geodes are absolutely fascinating. A small crystalline cavern world, complete within its shell. I got a couple of them as a child, from a rock shop, and spent hours looking at and into them.

    Sorry I can't help with any site locations.
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    The way we used to find them was to hike dry stream beds in the hills where limestone is the bedrock such as southern IL, IN, MO and northern KY. Take a staff and poke around at the stones in the stream bed. Geodes tend to wash out of the soil from hillsides and roll downhill so stream beds are collecting points. They won't look like much except for a round lumpy exterior anywhere from golfball size up to basketball. Check the regs for federal land and state parks, you might need to hike private land to find them but get permission of course. If you find really good ones you may have something of value if it has nice amethyst inside. After a summer of heavy rains you never know what was washed out and waiting for you to trip over it. Be careful of the snakes, prime habitat for them and another reason to wait for cool autumn weather.

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    I use to live 30 minuets from Keouk. Not sure where to get them but they seemed readily available in shops. There is even a Geode Lake in Iowa.
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