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    These are the explanations of the various memberships. The first two are the free levels, while the rest require subscriptions:

    Registered Member - Level I
    *Level I membership is for new members. While at this level your title will be Tinder Gatherer.
    *Level I members can only START a thread in the Introductions forum (this one), for purposes of introducing themselves.
    *Level I members can post in any existing thread, but only in reference to the subject of that thread. There are tens of thousands of threads here, so there are plenty of topics to chose from.
    *Level I members' private message ability is 50 messages in their inbox/sent folders.

    Registered Member - Level II
    *Level II membership begins with the 10th post, when your title changes to Tracker.
    *Level II has full free membership benefits, including starting new threads.
    *Level II members' private message ability increases to 100 messages in their inbox/sent folders.
    *Level II members have access to the Downloads section, but are limited to 3 downloads per day.

    Supporter Membership
    *Supporter membership can be purchased in 3, 6 or 12 month increments.
    *Supporting membership can be purchased two different ways: by clicking on the Become A Supporter link on the navbar of any page, or by going to the Bushcraft Outfitters store and puchasing there. If purchasing through Bushcraft Outfitters, please notify me via PM so that I can manually setup your membership. If purchased via the link in the navbar, you membership status will be automatically upgraded.
    *You can find out the additional benefits of becoming a Supporter via the link in the navbar.
    *Supporter memberships are non-recurring.

    Hobbyist & Vendor Memberships
    *Hobbyist membership is for members who occassionally make things and wish to sell them in the Classifieds forum, only.
    *Vendor membership is for members have a business and wish to fully utilize the resources of BCUSA, primarily the membership numbers. You will receive your own vendor forum, which is open to even non-members for viewing. You will also be able to utilize the Classfieds, if you do not want to use your own forum for that purpose.
    *You can find more information on these types of membership by clicking on the Become A Supporter link, in the navbar.
    *Vendor and Hobbyist memberships are recurring.
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