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Discussion in 'Wolf Creek Forge' started by Lisa West, Mar 20, 2017.

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    well a little pdate as I haven't been online all weekend. first off Ill be contact members about shipment of their carving axes over the next couple days..I have more WIP pics to load and Ill have pics of the newly ground AWL tonight..
    I reground an AWL thinner, from tip to center as some asked for and ill post pics of that..Ive got some good WIP pics to post to..
    On the home front we had to work on the wind damage some this weekend to. We got about 80% of the destroyed building mess cleaned up..One apple tree cleaned up and bruned and a good chunk of the big trees brushed to burn and cut up into firewood..
    Just a little update, you'll see more after I get in from the shop tonight or early in the morning. I have to help my boy with his homework and then head to the shop. Have a good evening guys!

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