“Ten Most Important Herbs,” Dr. John R. Christopher

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    This was put out in a newsletter that I received earlier in the week. I thought that some here might find it interesting.

    Dr. Christopher was probably the most well known herbalist of the last century. He founded the School of Natural Healing.

    I would put things like Turmeric and Oregano Oil on a Top 10 list. However, I think that this list was created with sustainability in mind and those two herbs aren't really appropriate to such a list. The items on Dr. Christopher's list can be grown/found growing in much of the US.

    http://herballegacy.com/ten herbs.pdf


    Sponsored by The School of Natural Healing & Christopher Publications
    April 10, 2019

    We Recommend “Ten Most Important Herbs,”
    Dr. John R. Christopher

    There are well over three hundred thousand herbs-many of them have been life-savers over the years. Can we, then, list the “Ten Most Important”, which should be kept on hand at all times for health or survival emergencies? This is a hard one- choosing the names of ten of my top friends, our herbs. Perhaps the best way to proceed is to choose one herb from each of ten major herb categories of which there are many more.

    Hippocrates used twenty-nine herbs and their combinations to help keep the people of the Isle of Cos in a healthy condition. In our practice we use approximately one hundred common herbs to take care of any malfunction that has been brought to our attention. We will, therefore offer you a tithe of our herbs. One herb cannot be said to be superior to another, as each has its own specific use, so we will list the categories from which each herb was selected alphabetically.


    1. Alterative Herb: Plantain (Plantago major)

    Parts used: root, leaves, flower spikes, seeds
    Medicinal uses: drawing poisonous bites and stings, bleeding and minor wounds, etc.

    2. Astringent Herb: Oak (Quercus alba)
    Parts used: mainly inner bark, also leaves, acorns, acorn cups
    Medicinal uses: bleeding, infections, spongy bleeding gums, relaxed tissues, etc.

    3. Cathartic Herb: Mountain Flax (Linum carharticum)
    Parts used: whole herb, (we now also amend seeds as well)
    Medicinal uses: jaundice, obstinate constipation, digestive problems, edema, etc.

    4. Diaphoretic Herb: Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
    Parts used: whole herb
    Medicinal uses: fevers, internal hemorrhage, diarrhea, wounds, flatulence, hair loss, etc.

    5. Diuretic Herb: Parsley (Petroselinum sativum)
    Parts used: whole herb, roots, leaves, seeds
    Medicinal uses: edema, gallstones, kidney problems, acidosis, anemia, etc.

    6. Emmenagogue Herb: Squaw Vine (Mitchella repens)
    Parts used: herb or vine
    Medicinal uses: uterine problems, childbirth, urinary complaints, edema, dysentery, etc.

    7. Expectorant and Demulcent Herb: Comfrey (Symphytum officianles)
    Parts used: root (more powerful) and leaves
    Medicinal uses: sprains, swellings, torn ligaments or broken bones, bronchitis, etc.

    8. Antispasmodic Herb: Lobelia (Lobelia inflata)

    Parts used: herbs and seeds (seeds are much stronger)
    Medicinal uses: asthma, angina pectoris, spasms, fever troubles, tetanus, etc.

    9. Stimulant Herb: Cayenne (Capsicum annum)
    Parts used: fruit (oil is in the seeds)
    Medicinal uses: arthritis, asthma, bleeding, hemorrhaging, wounds, heart trouble, etc.

    10. Tonic Herb: White Poplar (Populus tremuloides)
    Parts used: inner bark, leaves and buds.
    Medicinal uses: articular swelling, burns, inflammation, indigestion, gangrene, etc.

    This was extracted from an original newsletter written by the late Dr. John R. Christopher. There may be other herbs you have greater access to or an affinity for using. The principle he taught is to choose herbs that have these actions to aid you in emergencies you may run into. Access to more newsletters from Dr. Christopher are for sale through Christopher Publications for $1.00 per newsletter or $49.00 for 75 newsletters. Enjoy more sage advice from our beloved Dr. Christopher today!
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    Camp CYOB (Craft Your Own Bush)
    Thanks @Harper for sharing this!
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    Very cool info thanks for sharing.
    Prov 27:17
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