2018 Rat Root Rendezvous - "Karamat Wilderness Way"

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    Hi! Everyone,

    I haven't seen this posted so here it is:
    I've already booked this time off and I'm booking my airline ticket Monday to go. :4: Hope to see some of you there. :dblthumb:

    Rat Root Rendezvous
    August 24, 25 & 26, 2018

    The dates have been posted for the next Rendezvous so mark your calendars. This event is put on by Lori and Randy, owners of Karamat Wilderness Ways. The event is open to the public, people who are interested in all things Bushcraft, Wilderness Living, Survival and Outdoor Education. This is a family friendly event so bring the kidlets. Dogs are welcome as long as they get along with other dogs and people.

    We invite you to camp on our property. This is bush camping at it’s finest. We supply water, outhouses, some firewood and a main camp area to cook over the fire and also toilet paper. The rest is up to you, so come self-contained.

    There are workshops scheduled again this year. We are going to try an online schedule. This LINK is to the online session (event) schedule. The PDF Rendezvous Scheduler Guidelines will help explain the how-to’s when filling out the schedule. We will also post the schedule at the main camp during the Rendezvous. There may be a cost for some workshops. The Blacksmithing forge has been on high speed for the last few years along with Black powder shooting.

    Donations for the event would be greatly appreciated and we will have a donation box set up at our white trailer which is also the Karamat store. People can and will bring things to sell or trade.

    The potluck will be happening as usual. Meat dishes along with salads, main dishes and desserts are welcome. If you are participating in the potluck, please bring enough food to feed your party.


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