2018 Scott High Heritage Fest

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    Scott County,Tennessee
    When: Sept. 29, 2018
    Where: Museum of Scott County
    Time: 11 a.m. EDT

    The students and staff of Scott High School host the Appalachian Heritage Festival on the fourth Saturday of each September. The day-long festival is free to the public and takes place at the Museum of Scott County (800 Scott High Drive, Huntsville, TN 37756). A wide variety of crafts demonstrations fill the day, including flint-knapping, rifle-making, basket-weaving, soap-making and much more. A Civil War reenactment is also held, and many crafters have their foods for sale. Get a taste of the pioneer era with the homemade jellies and jams, fried pies and other food items on sale as well.

    I’ll be there along with @Bryan King and his wife. Not to mention Bryan’s knives.
    This is a “country fair” type event put on by the students and staff.
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