Are AA and AAA batteries a thing of the past?

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Forestree, Aug 7, 2019.

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    The opposite - LiPO are more dangerous than LiOn. I keep my LiPOs in a bag designed to contain fire from LiPO for that very reason - the fact that they make such bags in the first place should be telling. I don't do that with LiOn or any other battery type.

    One like this:

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    Yeah, the 13000 mAh is probably overkill for a weekend trip and I could save 4 oz by getting a charger with half the capacity. Or 2oz by getting a 10000 mAh. But I think I may be willing to accept the trade off for more weight to have plenty of power for possibly longer trips as well....or be able to run my little fan in the tent for a few hot nights.

    I’ll check out those lights, but I’ve become really attached to the microstream.... I love that little light. Hopefully the usb rechargeable is of the same quality.

    This is the radio I was looking at. It has a speaker, extendable antenna, small, lightweight, rechargeable and has a lot of good reviews

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    The thing is there are plenty of options in the rechargeable AA and AAA sizes ... so appliance redundancy isn't an issue, not yet, if that's what the OP means.

    Distance hikers do any sort of weight-saving trick they can turn their mind to, but they aren't a specially dominating group within the battery-using section of society.
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    I combine outdoor recreation with preparedness...

    I already posted above, but you can still cover preparedness with a Li-ion rig through a little jury-rigging. For example your Quark AA has a rare 1-4.2v driver and efficient low lows and so can run on any battery. I run one on a 2xCR123 tube with a 16650 that I can pull out to use for powerbanking, and then run any chemistry AAA/AA/CR123 sized cell in the Quark tube with a tinfoil spacer. Small 1oz. combo charger/powerbanks (eg, Nitcore F1/Klarus CH1) can charge/powerbank individual 16650/18650s cells, power-bank 3x AA/C/D alkaline or NiMh cells in series, and even charge NiMh cells at least halfway (F1) or fully (CH1). Lastly individual cell systems are easy to match to length of trip at ~1.5oz per 2500-3500mah.
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