(Article) Selco: The Dirty Truth About Water and Sanitation When the SHTF

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    Here is another piece by Selco:

    From the article:
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    While some of the "Selco" articles discuss problems associated with the overused "SHTF" moniker, this one addresses problems that may be more pertinent to urban dwellers (especially in cities with aging infrastructure) than most realize. A "boil order" is only a broken water main away in most cities. Buying a few cases of bottled water is the Band-Aid for those who see boiling as too much trouble. Of course, the chemical leak in the Charleston WV area a few years ago raised awareness of the challenges when boiling does not get the job done.

    But how many cities or even neighborhoods have faced a "no flush" order? Generally in the past, a temporary problem at a sewage treatment plant was solved by a temporary "pass through" approach, where the good citizens were still permitted to "flush" and the, ah, material just sailed on through the plant untreated for the next city down stream to deal with as best they could. But what if that is not an option? A lot less people have given thought to how to deal with those consequences than where their next drink might come from.

    For those with a yard and a shovel, a shrug of the shoulders and a "do what you gotta do" attitude may suffice. What about, say, high rise apartment dwellers? A 5 gal bucket, a seat and plastic bags are a short term solution, but what do you do with all those plastic do-do bags? Throw them in the park at night...or maybe in the river?? It isn't too difficult to see why the spread of disease quickly become a corollary problem.

    Once again, we have an article that many will feel could never apply to "our" situation, whatever that situation might be. While we can hope and pray that they MAY never apply, I'm afraid that the fact is they COULD apply a lot more easily than many folks realize. And, they do currently apply to a significant portion of the world today. And if you have a plan for how you, your family and your community (however you define that word) would deal with these challenges, you deserve congratulations, but only if you have already acquired any materials you need to implement your plan, for those materials may not be available to you when the time comes that you need them.
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