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    This is the small version, 9" wide, 9.5" tall and 2.5" deep.
    Before I ordered this I sat there with a tape measure for a good 1/2 hour trying to decide between the small and large. I have to admit when this first arrived I was a bit disappointed as to how small it looked and almost put it up for sale right then and there.
    I am glad I didn't.
    Once I took the time to really look it over and start filling it with those things I feel I need for a day out I was pleasantly surprised as to how much stuff you can actually fit in and on this bag.
    The straps on the side and the placement of the leather reinforcement, and the way in which the leather is attached shows how much thought and ingenuity went into the design of this bag. It is currently sitting next to me jammed full of all kinds of gear.
    I am very pleased with the design, workmanship and quality of this bag.
    Once I get it all sorted and decide on what I am going to actually need and use for a day walk I will post up a thread. In the meantime hear are some pics with a TOPs BOB and BK9 for size reference.

    Here is a teaser pic of it with some gear stashed inside and out.
    The straps on the back of the BK4 sheath just happen to line up with the 2 straps on the side of this bag. Coincidence? Only John knows!

    Thanks for making great stuff John!
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    Thank you as always for your glad you ended up liking the bag. I went back and forth for quite some time before settling on the size for the smaller one and of then several prototypes later and really thinking about what one actually uses a bag like this for thats what i ended up with. Looking forward to more pictures! thanks again.
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