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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by designtom, Apr 20, 2018.

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    I'm not a fan of Goretex or waterproof linings on day to day footwear.

    I've been able to stretch the life of one pair of ultra lite 800 gram Thinsulate insulated Goretex boots past the 20 year mark by just wearing them on cold/wet nasty days.

    Finding breathable boots on the other hand, has become increasingly harder.

    Got these two weeks ago from Amazon, and I'm liking them.

    I'm not ready to pigeon hole them into any single category yet.

    They're NOT steel toed, so they'll be missing the mark for many people as work boots.

    They are "listed" as insulated, but not by much, so they're not going to be winter boots.

    The leather is mid thickness. More nimble, more like what you expect from dress shoes.

    The soles are "spongier" or fluffier than any other boot I've had. I'm imagining that means they won't wear as long. No visible wearing out during the first two weeks of wearing them. The sole is flexible enough that I wonder if they've be decent for stalking/walking quietly in the woods.

    They're not the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, but they're more comfortable than any work boot I've had in the last decade or so. I wore them to work a table at a trade show for a full day. I noticed most other vendors wore sneakers based on their past experience standing all day.

    I took one walk in the woods with them. Four miles on wet terrain. Good match for conditions.

    If you're wearing them with Khaki's, they're not exactly dress shoes, but they don't look out of place either as casual dress shoe.

    It's a boot. It reminds me of boots before Goretex took over. In this price range you frequently get a boot that has a seam in the middle, right wear the boots flex in back of your big toe. That seam is always the first to leak. These boots are made from two pieces eliminating that seam.

    Mostly, I'm just loving coming home from work in them and my socks aren't soaked in sweat.

    I've already loaded them on my watch list on camelcamelcamel, I'm planning on buying another pair before they wear out.

    If you're in the market for a $50 pair of boots, take a look at this one. At a minimum mine are going to take a beating for day to day wear, to prolong the life of my dedicated trip boots.
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    Thanks much. It's getting time for some non steel toes. Those look extremely similar to boots I have now. Their a house brand of a Canadian retailer. I wouldn't be surprised if both of ours were made in the same factory. Their make/model is a "marks work warehouse Dakota 2" made in Bangladesh. Ive owned three pairs of same/similar boots from the same company. Ive found there wear time on the tread is different everytime. They have both bonded soles to the upper. As well as stitched. Stitched cost a fair bit more. Ive never had a complaint with the bonded ones. I get 2-3 years of hard wear out of them. For a similar price factoring for exchange. I have found a aftermarket insole is a good call on my boots. A Dr scholls work model typically. One advantage to steel toe in the bush, is spring undergrowth. I often use my feet like hammers when breaking trail.
    Cheers Jim

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