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    Christmas may be 4 months away but I'm starting my planning now!

    Right now on most orders I'm 3-4 weeks out and I can't keep very much in inventory for long. My wholesale accounts are already putting in big orders for the holidays (one just ordered 60 dump pouches). So if you are thinking about Xmas gifts order sooner then later. My goal is to NOT be working my guts out until the last will happen anyway I'm sure :)

    As far as holiday specials go this is what I'm offering:

    I'm gonna offer a 10% on leather goods, waxed canvas and maybe a few other items starting NOW. But these discounted orders will not be fulfilled and shipped until December. So if you need a new rifle sling for deer season in November don't use the discount code because chances are it won't be on your door step until the middle of December. Depending on how orders line up I'll probably shut down new orders just before thanksgiving and work on all the Christmas orders to ensure they get done in time.

    Coupon codes by category: if you're ordering items from the following categories on the website enter these at checkout:

    Knife leather: xmas2016a
    Waxed Canvas Goods: xmas2016b
    Leather Goods: xmas2016c
    Axe and saw leather: xmas2016d
    Gun leather: xmas2016e

    One issue is my site only accepts one coupon code per order. So if you're going to order some canvas goods and a dump pouch from the leather goods section you won't get a discount on everything. In this case the best thing to do is shoot me a quick email with what you'd like and I'll invoice you manually through PayPal. If you just make individual orders you'll end up paying too much in shipping.

    Thanks everyone!
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