Eleloveph Wood Burning Portable Camping Stove, quick review

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    I bought this stove in Amazon for $10, now $16 but I'm sure I'll drop back.
    Wanted to try a wood stove and the price was right.

    It worked well but it goes through wood quickly so needs to be fed constantly.
    Wasn't able to get a fire started as easily as I thought until I did a better fire prep and did not try to jump to bigger pieces.
    Once lit it would go through a full load before a quart of water was boiling. Had the fire go down to embers twice until I kept feeding it the third time and got it boiling.
    Seems to be par for the course on stick stoves.
    It's a bit heavy so it may be more of a truck stove but it can serve is purpose well.

    This was at LBJ Grasslands near DFW, good day for a family outing.

    The water was been boiled to warm as baby bottle so an alcohol stove was in stand by.

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