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    I received a box yesterday of bulk ferro rods. While I am all about MADE IN AMERICA, in order to keep costs as low as possible on my ferro rods, I did order direct from the factory via Alibaba. I could not find them through my old source on ebay. I could not find the 4" length rods anywhere online... other than factory direct. I received 100 - 5/16" x 4" rods that will make usable 3 1/4" rods. I also picked up 50 - 3/8" x 4" rods for a bit heftier, longer lasting rods.

    I have some spalted red oak and some figured walnut that will likely be some of the first pieces to be turned into rod handles. Keep an eye out on the trade blanket...

    Pics soon-
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    Looking forward to what you are making. Have you thought of making a threaded ferro rod so that when I wear down a rod I can order a new one so I can keep my favorite handle so to speak? Your scrapers are wonderful as well.

    How would you charge for a blank ferro rod for each size and how much for a scraper? I have an idea for a fatwood fire starter that I want to make like a fire starter that I had when I was a teenager and I cannot find one like it today.

    GOD Bless you and your family

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