Field & Stream Field Master 0°F Sleeping Bag 1st impression

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    Thanks to @Dougcraft for alerting me this deal. Listed at $100 on Field and Streams site, $90 on Amazon. On sale for $30, $35.62 after tax and shipping. I ordered this for a couple reasons. First: I broke a cheap bag(zipper) I got while visiting my brother in Buffalo. I purchased that one because we needed the bedding. I threw it out when I was done because it was horrible...beyond the zipper. But I expected that for the $15 clearance price. JUNK. But since I broke that one, I should replace it! Two: I need a sleeping bag for the cool weather I could hit when I visit Grand Teton and Yellowstone next late May thru late June or early July. C: CHECK THE DEAL!!!

    This is a first impression/quickie review because it's 95 degrees here and I'm not going to the butcher to see if I can use...his...hmmmm. NO, I am not going to the butcher to use his freezer.

    This thing is nice and heavy. I certainly wouldn't want to take it on a long hike but it'll work great for the truck camping I'll be doing. Once rolled out onto the floor it disappeared as the top side is camouflage. The under side is woodsy brown. Interior has, what F & S calls, "Hydrodri"-a moisture wicking layer. Offset double layered insulation to eliminate cold spots. I've never suffered from cold spots in a sleeping bag unless you're talking about around the entire zipper but the coldest I've ever camped is 25-30 degrees. It does have a plastic zipper but it is heavier than most I have seen. We'll see how that holds up once the cool weather gets here to Northern AZ. Also has the obligatory velcro zipper lock. Lot's of room once I got in. It was a little snug at my shoulders but I'm...uh...fat. I was in the thing for about 30 seconds, it's too darn hot for extended testing even with A/C turned up. Plenty of room at the foot so it's a great place to store tomorrows clothing so it's warm when you get up in the morning.

    I'll be doing a longer test and review when the weather dips and, more importantly, if I remember.

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