Finally got out on my Millbrook WW canoe

Discussion in 'Paddling' started by Adirondack American, Jul 3, 2019.

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    View attachment 754791 Took the millbrook flashback out yesterday. Never tried a WW canoe before. Figured, should be like one of my kayaks. Right? No worries.

    Since it was my first voyage in this type of boat, figured leave all my gear at home. Just paddle around and get a feel for it. I did bring a fishing pole of course. Aaaaaand my phone in my pocket.

    As soon as I got in, the boat capsized quicker than you could snap a finger. Prolly a hilarious sight. Needless to say I laked my phone. Thank goodness for bags of rice. Phone is a-ok the only thing damaged was my pride

    Basically, if you’ve never had a whitewater canoe, bear in mind they are much more tippy than most other boats (at least the ones I have!). If you already have one, how was your first trip? All in all I had fun once I got on the water and realized the animal I was dealing with. I only went over that one time. And I like the boat. Best $60.00 Kevlar boat I’ve ever been in
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