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    I've recently developed an interest in hunting. Living in Florida and not knowing anyone who owns hunting property, it's been challenging to find places to hunt. I was researching hunting on public land and it was very confusing. I finally got a hold of a lady who sent me a helpful E-mail. I thought it might help someone here going through the same process I am. Still pretty confusing, but way clearer than when I first started......

    Hi Will,

    Thanks for taking my call earlier. I’m sorry the website information is confusing, we are working on modernizing it to help make it easier to understand.

    Some basic information:
    • You need a hunting license to hunt all species, except wild hog.
    • Most Wildlife Management Areas require a management area permit.
    • Licenses and permits can be purchased online at www.GoOutdoorsFlorida.com
    • Most areas allow you to hunt small game and hogs during other seasons (except spring turkey) with whatever method of take is allowed during that season. For example, during archery season, you can hunt small game and hogs with archery equipment.

    Rabbit and squirrel are great species to start out hunting. Here’s some information on small game hunting, including links for tips on hunting squirrel and rabbit: http://myfwc.com/hunting/by-species/small-game/

    Myakka SF Small Game Area (SGA): http://myfwc.com/media/2789795/myakka-sga.pdf
    • Small Game Season was from Nov 11 – Dec 10 and Dec 23 – Jan 14. These dates will change slightly next year, the link above will be the current brochure (which will be posted by July 1 2018)
    • You’ll need to purchase a hunting license and management area permit at www.GoOutdoorsFlorida.com
    • When you arrive to hunt, you’ll need to pick up a Daily Hunt Report Card at the self-service check station located on Shell Road, see brochure map.
    • Legal method of take for small game: air guns, shotguns, crossbows, longbows (including compound and recurve bows) or falconry.

    If you are interested in other areas located closest to you, you can find them here http://myfwc.com/media/1380222/huntingwmamap.pdf

    Once you’ve located an area you are interested in hunting you can find the area specific brochure here: http://myfwc.com/hunting/wma-brochures/

    The brochure is broken up by seasons. Each season will tell you what game species are legal to take and what method of take is legal. In addition, there will be a list of the different permits and licenses you need to hunt.

    Thank you,
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    Also look into National Forests and Wildlife Refuges. Both of these will allow hunting of some kind.

    For example:

    There is a NWR near me that has quota hunts for deer and turkey (you apply to get one of a limited number of permits) and then they follow state seasons for small game during the rest of the Fall and Winter.

    The National Forest in GA follows the state seasons for all species, except you can't hunt non-game animals (fearl pigs, coyotes, etc) unless a game species is in season.
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    North Central Florida, and Miami
    there are a huge number of State Forests, with most allowing hunting. Ocala NF, Osceola NF, Apalachicola NF all offer productive hunting
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    East Central Florida
    I used to hunt in Florida's WMAs (Wildlife Management Area) in Central Florida back in the late 80s & early 90s. Look them up on the net.....

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