LAPG sale 20% Aug 22-23

Discussion in 'Gear Deals' started by Walking Crow, Aug 22, 2018.

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    I know some folks like the pants at LA Police Gear and they have a wide selection of other stuff; some good deals, some maybe not so much. I did notice this discount (code TAKE20) would bring the Becker BK2 down to $56 and change + shipping. Decent net price on the BK11, BK14 and some others too. Wide selection of AMK/SOL too. Only a couple of the Escape Bivy Lites (no hood or zipper). The regular Escape Bivy has gotten Expensive. Note capital "E". Anyway... save a few bucks if they have something you need/want.

    I always check the closeouts first, just in case...

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