Looking For people to work with in the wilderness.

Discussion in 'Ohio' started by FlintTrigger, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Jan 14, 2018
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    Deep in the woods of clarkston Michigan
    Hi everybody I looking for someone that want to join forces and start filming outdoor activities camping Bush crafting survival urban and wilderness hunt fish trap etc. Im from Southeast Michigan around Clarkston area.

    I have most of the camera gear, drones and editing computers. I'm also in the process of vloging me doing a year of training amongst different survival and craft schools to become a full-time survival instructor wilderness guide craft instructor.

    I just started creating a website for my company called outdoor Legion the web address is www,outdoorlegion.com It's in beta right now I'm filming content daily the website is ultimately a project of to house a giant media repository of outdoor skills and adventures. The ropes and knots area has content by no means complete also there is some content in the hunting section everything else on the website is just placeholders for content.

    I'm looking for someone that wants to invest time to be a partner in this outdoor adventure Im taking. If you are interested message me.


    Stay Dirty
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    Dayton, Ohio
    Would this be in Ohio?
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