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    So, a week and a half ago I broke the bolt holding the front of my left A-arm on my Polaris ATV. It's an '03, and bushing/ sleeve were stubborn about coming apart, so I bought a complete new one. Installed, and discovered it threw the alignment off. Here's some of the steps I took to correct the steering issues that I had after the repair. And yes, I eventually got the old bushing/ sleeve out, I'll rebuild that and probably sell it on eBay or something. PB160042.JPG PB160043.JPG PB160045.JPG PB160046.JPG PB160047.JPG PB160041.JPG I measured from rear rack to the handle bars to get an even distance and locked them in place with straps. Ran a cord around ATV (with a piece of shock cord at the rear to cushion movement) and had string just touch front and back of rear tire. Extended beyond the front by wrapping around jack stands 3' in front of my sled (because front tires aren't as wide as rear), and measure from string to the front and rear of front rim on both side. Loosen lock nuts on tie rods and adjust for slight (about 1/8") of toe-in. Test drive!
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