Moras on sale in Amazon again.

Discussion in 'Gear Deals' started by NoBrakesRacing, Sep 5, 2018.

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    That's just the listing of all moras in Amazon.
    You can see that after a coupon (no code needed ), carbon steel companions are under $8. Kansbol is $28.

    I picked up another companion, it's a good carver and very lightweight.

    Last time I saw the kansbol at $25 I picked one up and really like it. Good food prepper, carver and wood processer for a fire. My new best friend.

    Carved a basic spatula out of drifwood with it while in Vancouver Island. Picture is near Port Renfrew at the First Nation Campground.
    Could have stayed for a long time right there. Just sat on a log while my son played in the sand.
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