My Attempt At Making Fix N' Wax

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    My attempt at making my own "Fix n' Wax"came out rather well.The video I made doesn't do it justice,but ya get the idea.I found the recipe so to speak on Youtube so I went by that.There's also recipes like SurvivalSherpa that I'll leave the link.So what is fix n' wax?It's a combination of bee's wax and lard,one part bee's wax,two parts lard.You can also add items like Shea Butter,which I did,but for some reason it remains as a glob in the mix,not melting down like the wax and the lard.One online bushcraft/survival shop defines it's uses
    "Originally designed for waterproofing leather, Fix'n Wax has many more uses. Over a dozen uses found so far such as bowstring wax, skin and lip protectant, trap wax, patch lube, and coal extender. Each ingredient is 100% natural and non-toxic."
    So bear with my video,my camera in video mode isn't what it used to be.(camera's all but shot (LOL no I wont use it for target practice yet)Link to recipe below
    Satisfactory results IMO.The container on left has about 3/4 of a cup,the Altoids tin is half full.It will leak out of the hinges if you overfill it,so I discovered by accident.

    My video
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