My new Tarp Shelter:And A Review

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    Last summer I bought a W-Up Bird Tarp 10'x10' which ran me around $30 including stakes and a drawstring bag for it.I haven't got to use it yet due to all the rain we had in Pennsylvania since June of 2018.The times I did go camping I stayed at my camp which already has a lean to setup.I came across a review for the tarp so I'll save alot of explaining by adding the review.So here goes

    Price: Approx. $31

    Size: 10 x 10 feet

    Color: Army green, blue

    Fabric: 210T Dacron

    Weight: 1.86 lb

    Specific features: Large size, waterproof, sealed reinforced center seam, grommets fitted into reinforced corner tabs, durable, 8 nylon ropes with adjusters, 8 aluminum stakes, carry bag

    Best use: Camping, backpacking

    Description: This larger square shaped tarp is versatile for many uses while camping and backpacking including sleeping in a hammock, cooking area, communal living. This W-UpBird Tarp covers a lot of bases literally and is durable enough for use as a ground cover, picnic rug as well as the normal tent fly or shelters.

    This tent is made of 201T Dacron with means that it will shed water and stay strong over a long period of time. It does come with 8 nylon ropes that have adjusters, as well as 8 stakes made of aluminum and a carrying bag to store everything when you take it down.

    You can make shelter for virtually anything with this 10 x 10 feet tarp, and if you use it for yourself, you will surely stay dry! Users like this tarp because it sheds water, comes with everything you need, and is listed at an affordable price.


    • Durable
    • Water shedding
    • Affordable

    • Not fully waterproof
    • Smells strange upon arrival
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