New Anodized Hinderer Knives at USA Made Blade

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    We have a few new anodized Hinderer knives this week. We are an authorized Anodizing dealer for Hinderer so our work is 100% covered under the Hinderer Warranty!

    1st up we have a Sunrise Fade Hinderer XM-18 3.0" Slicer with Black G10. This has the new Tri Way Pivot System and the Filler Tab, Pocket Clip and Liner were all anodized to match.

    Available at:



    2nd up is something very different from us. This is a Ghost Blue Skulls XM-18 3" Spanto. The skulls almost have a worn look to them and in some lights look like a blue digicamo. This Spanto has FDE G10 and is on the Tri Way Pivot System.



    Last one for the day is a Blue Full Ti XM-18 3.5" 30 year Spanto. This is decked out with Black Hardware. The Gen 5 has the lockbar insert but does not have the Tri Way Pivot System. This one does not need it because it flips like a champ. Gen 5s are very rare in the market.

    Available at:


    You can check out all our Hinderer Knives at:

    If we can help with anything please let me know by email or call the shop anytime.

    Thank you for looking!

    Scott (Whitty) Whittington

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