New - O1 high carbon tungsten vanadium blade blanks - your own design (hobby knifemakers)

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    Hello all,

    Starting next week we will start offering blade blanks with your own design.

    - the blanks would be cut from 3mm thick O1 high carbon tungsten vanadium tool steel.

    - the blanks will not be grinder nor HT but only cut to shape using a computer controlled waterjet machine.

    This type of product was meant for hobby knifemakers as i know fro my own experience how happy i would have been years ago to have this opportunity.


    - you can order as low as 1 piece without being forced to buy a full plate of steel. This is the major advantage for a hobby knifemaker.
    - you will have no material loss due to the waterjet cutting
    - you will be able to design extremly intricate designs that would othervise take hours of labor to cut or be impossible
    - you spare all noise, dirt, effort - we take care of that ;)

    All you have to do is send us a vectorial format .dxf/.dvg with your knife or if you are not instructed to use such software we accept to transpose a hand drawing for you for a small fee ;)

    The cut will be made in monthly batches in order not to interfere with our own knifemaking schedule.

    The prices are:

    - 49 usd for any design that fits a 8.5/1" piece (shipping and paypal fees included)
    - 10 usd for hand scetch to vector format

    Next week will be a test one in based on request will sustain or cancel the project.
    The prices might not be good enough for bussiness but fair i would say for the hobbyist 1-2 knives.

    All the best brothers, God bless,
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