Nightcore tube micro light.

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    I have had this light for about three years and thought it time to post a review.

    As you can see it’s very small. Charges from a micro usb and yes it is low power. It has two power settings. Press the on button once for low once for off. Once again for high and again for off. The low setting is for small tasks like reading a book or working with tools and other “small work area chores”. I have used it to illuminate trails and walk in the woods at night. The high setting is for large area chores. Things like changing a car tire, walking thru brush and lighting your way. Because it’s so light it can easily be tied to reading glasses, watch straps or even tolls like screwdrivers and cordless drills. It’s also almost indestructible. I am not sure of the run times but it seems to go weeks on low and several hours on high. While it won’t replace a high lumen light for things that go bump in the night it is extremely handy and a real asset to have on a key chain. The only negative I have on it is that the USB port has a rubber cover that comes loose. I removed it a couple years ago and have not looked back. I have not dunked it but suspect it won’t survive being flooded with water. The color is a bluish or daylight.

    Thanks for reading.

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