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    Hey all!
    I was recently asked about my waxed ditty from PNW Bushcraft and how it would perform as a PSK. Well I tried several different ways to put everything in my PSK into this lil ditty bag.. alas.. I just couldn't make it work... Well before I let myself become overcome with a deep sence of sadness and/or dismay.. I decided to give the good folks at PNW Bushcraft a holler and see what they thought about my little psk problem.. 1524783628667283650570.jpg
    This dude is 5 3/4" X 8 1/4" which is a good deal larger than the lil ditty and it holds a bunch of gear everything from my PSK and still had tons of space, could easily fit a 55 gal drum liner in it.. It's made from 10.1oz 100% cotton waxed canvas, waxed with Martexin original wax with 2 copper colored Tandy closures, set in a doubled mouth around the top of the bag. The ditty only has one and this was to help with the possibility of turning it upside down and something falling out. Has running stitches on the outside and whip stitching on the interior 1524784326590220499842.jpg
    fully packed (with my PSK items) this guy is about 4"X4" and has everything from my PSK and room for much more.... way more than I believe I need in my PSK.. but! This is not a problem... I tried a lot of things with this pouch. As I said before the color is great, could be used for signaling, would be pretty hard to lose in the bush. Also makes a good mini ground cloth for prepping tinder and keeping it off the ground. This will fit in a cargo pocket no problem. 15247852741691397474664.jpg and still only half full..
    I tried this too.. 1524785869959203666968.jpg
    Yep.. that's water.. this would make a good water collection device when partnered with a zip lock bag waxed canvas is pretty tough and added protection to a plastic bag if one was in a situation where that plastic bag was their only water storage.. held a lot of water too! 1524786243355283457650.jpg
    Anywho.. this pouch is plenty big enough for a PSK, or a FAK, fire kit whatever one would want to put in it. Some people were wondering if the PNW Bushcraft ditty was a more realistic size for a PSK.. well the ditty is a little small for me, I can't say if it would work for you of not, but this pouch worked very well! Made from quality materials, by quality people! Awesome pouch!
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