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Remora Holster Review - I gotta man up on this

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by solocanoe, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. solocanoe

    solocanoe Bushmaster

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    Nov 2, 2010
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    AR/OK border
    Hey all -

    I've been a smart carry user / lover / sing-their-praises for more than 5 years. Charlie P is just awesome and he's always been super to help me with any need. I have bought 9 - own 4 still - finally ruined 1 beyond use - and gave 4 as Christmas gifts to family.

    one I used to use for my Glocks - repurposed for the SP101 I've been in a love affair with for the past 3 months:


    I have posted more than once - that I don't know HOW you guys carry IWB?!!!!

    I have bought and returned 2 Crossbreeds (Glock + "mousegun" type) and have done the same with some other 'off the shelf' holsters.

    Have had specialty built holsters...the only one I really like is the one I had made for the LCR from Simply Rugged - all these pieces are Rob's great work:

    but...I wear the Simplly Rugged OWB...when I can wear a cover garment....

    I also have the "tub - o - holster - mistakes" -- that we all have....cheap, expensive, nylon, leather, kydex, merged parts, etc...I've quietly been making the SAME mistake over and over for years... I just kept seeing everyone posting about wearing IWB - and thinking I was missing something???? :6:

    Truth...I just loved my smart carry's - the weight disappears as it's over BOTH hips and the ENTIRE waistline...
    and I never give a 2nd thought to what I'm gonna wear - even basketball shorts and no shirt...the smart carry's have been great....
    but still....I kept trying....

    Enter the REMORA Holster.

    I own the Desantis Nemesis. Have used it for years for a basic coat pocket, between the seats, whatever holster....looking at the Remora...
    I couldn't see WHY it would be so different from the Nemesis. I even took my Nemeiss, stood up in my office and tried to fit it at 3:00 position.
    (my 3 - I'm a lefty, so I guess it's actually 9:00. :50: )

    well...the Desantis barely stayed put while I tried to get the belt cinched and the shirt put over it, etc...
    it basically slipped down my leg with the Ruger SP101 .357 in it....the minute I moved much or tried to walk around.....:37:

    I ALMOST didn't order the Remora Holster....I mean how much could the "super tacky" part be worth?
    .....but it was only $25...and I went ahead and ordered it.

    The website was easy - very nice to navigate -

    and I quickly found a chart that said I needed a "8R" model of the Remora for my wheelgun.

    Ordering was simple, and I got email confirm of the order...later the shipping...WITH tracking number....and a nice note from Alan.

    The package arrived promptly...with a nice hand-written note from Alan (the owner) encouraging me to give my honest feedback.

    I got the mail from my box on my way out to lunch with a client.
    I didn't even take off the Smart Carry - but when I got down to my vehicle...
    I reached down, grabbed the gun, stuck it in the Remora....stuck it in-waistband....and drove away.
    (OK, but i DID have to loosen the belt 2 notches to fit, obviously!:p )

    I got there, bloused my dress shirt around it....and went and had lunch with the client.
    At the end of the meal as I'm about to stand up, it dawns on me that my weapon's 'felt presence' was on my side....very rare for me....

    I had a 'mental block' trying to get used to the fact there is nothing holding up this holster....
    i continued to be 'ginger' walking around...not wanting the heavy SP101 to drop to the floor or ground.

    It's been several days now...I still wear the smart carry's in the evenings...but I've been wearing the Remora at work.
    It's just CRAZY how it sticks like some sort of Spiderman-type webbing! It just-does-not-move.

    the "infinitely adjustable" part can't be over-stated, I believe.
    Tiny micro movements of adjustment when it's on....and it gets in just the right spot and then it just disappears.
    The ability to move it in bascially any spot you'd want....height, cant, it's all up to you, the user.

    This is how it looks this morning (ignore the laundry, luckily my wife will never see this, lol!)


    (yeah...that's about all a dining room is worth most of the time for us! :26: )

    This is how it looks in the holster:

    and on top of:

    so....where does this fit?

    Well, to be honest.....I think I will enjoy wearing it at work. It's very comfy in it's spot on my side...
    and I had to "man-up" here...eat my crow....and admit...I HAVE found an IWB holster that I like! :4:

    I hope this helps someone stuggling with holsters. The Remora is a fantastic value - certainly worth a try for the money.

    thanks for looking. :42:
  2. Homeslice

    Homeslice Guide

    Blog Posts:
    Sep 18, 2009
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    Kansas City
    I looked at those for my Kahr CW9, but ended up getting a FIST ultra-thin kydex holster. I just couldn't see how that grippy material could keep it in place. For $25, maybe it's worth another look.
  3. IamLegend

    IamLegend Supporter Supporter Bushclass I

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    Jan 28, 2010
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    Southern Indiana
    Very good info. And nice looking grip BTW:) I haven't tried a whole lot of holsters myself as I usually stick my Glock inside my pants above my right back pocket. But since getting my sp101 357 I've actually had it fall down my pant leg when carrying it in this fashion or stuffed in front as well. I've been wanting to figure something out because I've stopped carrying it for the time being because of this. So thanks again for the info.

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