SELCO: What You MUST Know About SHTF Medicine

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    Below is another article by SELCO.

    I have mixed feelings about the way he portrays natural medicine. I'm not disputing his account, just the characterization of it. In fact, he said it was very important since that is the only option most people had.

    I still think that this is a good article to read.

    Some of my thoughts:

    1. Convential medicine fails at times, too.

    2. I'm sure that in a disaster with that kind of duration, people will be selling fake or adulterated convential meds, too. We already see it with illegal drugs (cutting).

    3. Just because you can drive a car, doesn't mean you're a mechanic. Some of those people who applied natural medicine probably used half remembered treatments from their grandparents and old wives.

    4. He correctly points out that a person's overall health plays a large factor in healing. A compromised immune system, diet, etc. will make a difference in success or failure. This is true whether conventional or natural approaches are being used.

    5. I've always said that Western medicine excels at certain things (trauma, diagnostics, etc.) and that the focus on antibiotics saved millions of lives. The problem is that you really can't stock up on them. You can grow garlic--you can't grow Cipro. Even if your doctor will give you a script, your insurance won't cover it and it will be expensive out of pocket. Of course, those people who own fish and have stored up the same antibiotics under a different name and far lower cost because they are concerned about their fish, might have a fall back in a SHTF scenario.

    6. One thing that he doesn't mention that I will is that natural medicines usually don't have a "time release" function. That is why it is not unusual to see recommendations of taking them three or more times a day.

    7. The problem with relying on convential medicine alone is that the meds simply may not be available. Learn about natural cures, too. The last sentence that SELCO writes in the article is:

    Here is the article:


    by Selco
    SHTF medicine was one of the most valuable skills that I used when my country collapsed. I plan to use that medical knowledge again if times get bad, for me and my family, or simply for other people, as a help or skill for trade.

    When the SHTF, people used what was available for treating their medical condition. Results differed.

    All different kind of medical problems suddenly happened when the SHTF.

    SHTF medicine for chronic conditions
    Preppers usually think about injuries and wounds when they imagine real collapse, but tend to forget the spectrum of existing chronic medical conditions) that a lot of people cope with. Those conditions will not disappear when the SHTF, so if your father or spouse has a high blood pressure condition that probably means you will be more likely to deal with high blood pressure complications when SHTF than to treat gunshot wounds.

    It does not mean you do not have to know wound treatment, it means you HAVE to know how to deal with high blood pressure.

    So it makes sense to watch for already existing medical conditions within your family and to be ready to help with that when the SHTF.

    Depending on the level of your knowledge and other circumstances, this can mean learning about natural remedies for episodes of high blood pressure (garlic, for example) or choosing to have huge stashes of meds for high blood pressure, oral or in the form of injections, or learning how to control it with dietary changes, etc.

    Best is a combination of all of the above-mentioned skills and techniques.

    A frequent mistake is to “lean” on just one technique, skill, or philosophy.

    And that is exactly thing that is often seen in survival movement. Natural-herbal medicine.

    Natural medicine doesn’t always work.
    I knew several people who had knowledge about herbal medicine during hard times in the war. It was a valuable skill, simply because real medicines (drugs) were hard to find.

    So they treated people with their own “medicines”. Most of them actually “sold ” those medicines. Some of them actually gave it as a present. (Of course, they always expected something in return. Rarely people do anything for free, which was pretty understandable at that time.)

    Some of that it worked, but more of it did not work. It was a situation where you took it or left it, and to take it usually meant some hope.

    Not to mention, a big number of scams occurred with that medicines.

    You need to understand that the range of medical condition that was happening at that time was pretty wide. Because the medical system was completely out, you could see anything.

    The important thing here is to understand that natural remedies might work in some conditions, while in others they are completely useless because of many reasons. (Too slow, too weak, lack of proper diet, a lot of stress…)

    I remember treating more than once wounds with a mixture of herbs and other natural remedies like honey, pine needles, and similar.

    And you know what was the result?

    If the wound got severely infected, the person lost part of their body or even their life.

    It was simple like that.

    I have seen cases of pneumonia treated with natural remedies from men who had generational knowledge about natural remedies. And yes, sometimes they did have success but often they did not have success.

    It was a desperate time. I saw people being treated after being not conscious for days, burning from fever with homemade hot balms, and prayers from 8 men next to their bed, but still they died.

    Do not get me wrong, people may die from pneumonia in the most modern societies with advanced medical care, but here we are talking about common sense and layers.

    There is a reason why we are using antibiotics to fight serious infections and not natural remedies.

    Yes, part of that reason is the greed of big pharmaceuticals companies, I do agree with that. But antibiotics are needed to fight the most serious infections.

    So, if you put all of your money on natural remedies, you need to consider again your prepping philosophy.

    Natural remedies have their place as an important skill for SHTF, but as an addition to conventional medical knowledge, stash, and skills. Or, in a worst-case scenario, for use when it is the only way to treat illnesses or injuries.

    What makes sense vs. what is fancy
    When SHTF you will have to solve problems (including medical issues) in the quickest, most efficient way.

    There are few reasons for that:

    • You’ll have other problems. Most probably that medical issue is not gonna be your only problem. Most probably you will have many other problems concerning resources, safety, and security. You’ll be under stress, physically and mentally.
    • There is no time for mistakes. People feel confident in some things today. It is like that because you have the most advanced medical system usually just a phone call away from you. In other words, NOW if you have some kind of small incision, yes, of course, you’re gonna try to solve it with natural remedies, herbs, natural ingredient ointments, or whatever. It is like that because if you messed up and see that your cure is not working, you can sit in your car and go to the emergency room for professional help. Guess what: When the SHTF, if you mess up, you are f***ed.
    Remember – when SHTF, a small problem can lead to a very big problem really fast.

    Medical preparedness is all about levels.
    The first SHTF medicine knowledge that you need is systematic understanding of medical conditions in terms of severity and probability.

    Just like all other prepper topics, there is no sense to start preparing from the end of the spectrum or to cover what is unlikely while completely forgetting the basics.

    For a very fundamental start it is good to look into hygiene, infection, existing chronic medical conditions (yours or in your family-group), and wound treatment (emergency and prolonged).

    Just these few topics will take months of time, especially since you will try to implement natural remedy knowledge together with medical knowledge.

    Again, do not get me wrong. Knowledge about natural remedies was very important and valuable, and I believe we all need to know the basics. But do not throw away what modern medicine can offer you just because you have some opinions that natural is the only way.

    What I point out very often is the fact that if something is illegal today (like administration of injections, healing with antibiotics, or whatever) from the point of medical legality it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to research the hell out of it and to learn everything possible. When the SHTF, nobody is gonna care about licenses. Knowledge and skills are gonna be more important.

    A lot of knowledge is out there and FREE. You can learn a lot through that.

    In the end, for us, natural medicine was very important and valuable because a majority of folks did not have a better choice.

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    Imo, in a shtf scenario the biggest issue is that people are trying to survive not take care of themselves. They will notice something but delay seeking treatment. You see it in our hustle of a society now. People are too busy and that cut you didn’t tend to gets infected or that slight ankle swelling gets exacerbated and now you’re out of work for a week. If you delay modern meds might not save you, chances are the natural remedies will fail also for in part the same reason.

    All the other reasons you gave make sense also. Even now counterfeit medicine is sold in many countries
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    I am not a fan of the SELCO articles. IMO too much emphasis is placed on total collapse of society which may limit people from listening to or attempting to learn something from him. Plus he is from the Balkins, which is a second world country at best, or many years has been listed as a third world. Infrastructure was never great to begin with. Corruption and society class separation has always been extreme there.

    The better examples to pull from would be Hurricanes Harvy, Katrina, and Sandy.
    9/11 and the Boston Bombing
    Fukushima is another great example to pull from. A major large scale disaster striking a first world country.

    I hate to say, almost too much has changed about society in the past 20 years to pull from lessons of the LA Riots and 3 Mile Island. In general how we now prepare for and handle disasters has greatly changed.

    The amount of information sharing is a blessing and a curse.

    In general your biggest threats will be-

    Trauma, it is always a factor.
    People will simply hurt themselves with panic let alone trauma caused by the incident.

    People with existing medical conditions.
    Nursing Homes, People on Home 02, Diabetics, Renal Compromised, and the persons with a grocery list of meds on short supply. Addicts and Psych patients are on that list too.

    Followed by environmental concerns.
    Lack of water, proper sanitation, and food.
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    I agree that natural disasters are the most likely type of scenario. No question about it.

    But an EMP event can cause the kind of conditions that SELCO describes. They can be caused by the sun but also by man. It as one way that a small country (or non-state actor) can become a giant slayer. Larger countries can either cause them directly, or more likely, through one of their proxies for plausable deniability. This is one of those cases where technology is a twin-edged sword. I get mental images of the Empire and Ewoks.

    Experts disagree about whether automobiles will be operable. But they all admit that the effects on the infrastructure will be significant.

    Here is a recent article about some of the reports about EMPs that are being declassified:


    EMP Commission warns ‘blackout’ of electricity, food, water to last ‘year or longer,’ huge death toll
    by Paul Bedard
    | May 09, 2018 11:11 AM

    In this May 21, 1956, file photo, the stem of a hydrogen bomb, the first such nuclear device dropped from a U.S. aircraft, moves upward through a heavy cloud and comes through the top of the cloud, after the bomb was detonated over Namu Island in the Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands. North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said his country may conduct a "historic" hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific Ocean. Many experts think North Korea wouldn't do something so risky, but it's hard to rule out given North Korea's steadily expanding nuclear and missile tests.

    Parts of the United States would be starved of electricity, water, food, internet service and transportation for a year or longer by the smallest electromagnetic pulse attack on the electric grid, according to a newly declassified report from a federal commission.

    The so-called EMP Commission report said that the threat is real, jeopardizes “modern civilization,” and would set back living conditions to those last seen in the 1800s.

    And as a result of the chaos, millions would likely die, according to the report titled “Assessing the Threat from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP),” from the recently re-established Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.

    “A long-term outage owing to EMP could disable most critical supply chains, leaving the U.S. population living in conditions similar to centuries past, prior to the advent of electric power,” said the July 2017 report provided Secrets.

    “In the 1800s, the U.S. population was less than 60 million, and those people had many skills and assets necessary for survival without today’s infrastructure. An extended blackout today could result in the death of a large fraction of the American people through the effects of societal collapse, disease, and starvation. While national planning and preparation for such events could help mitigate the damage, few such actions are currently underway or even being contemplated,” added the executive summary.

    Three reports on the issue have been declassified by the Pentagon and seven more are awaiting clearance.

    The warnings in the report somewhat echo those made a similar commission a decade ago. But this time the feared attacks aren’t just from a solar event but a potential atmospheric nuclear blast or cyber hit launched by North Korea, China or Russia.

    What’s more, the report warns that despite President Trump’s focus on the issue and demand for action, federal agencies are fighting over the issue and the Defense Department, which is factoring in EMP protection into its plans, isn’t sharing critical information to help civilian agencies and private firms make similar protections.

    Also declassified was a report from Peter Vincent Pry, who served on a prior EMP Commission and is executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, spelling out the human toll of an EMP attack on the electric grid. He also advises the current commission.

    In “Life Without Electricity,” he said the results would be:

    • Social Order: Looting requires dusk to dawn curfew. People become refugees as they flee powerless homes. Work force becomes differently employed at scavenging for basics, including water, food, and shelter.
    • Communications: No TV, radio, or phone service.
    • Transportation: Gas pumps inoperable. Failure of signal lights and street lights impedes traffic, stops traffic after dark. No mass transit metro service. Airlines stopped.
    • Water and Food: No running water. Stoves and refrigerators inoperable. People melt snow, boil water, and cook over open fires. Local food supplies exhausted. Most stores close due to blackout.
    • Energy: Oil and natural gas flows stop.
    • Emergency Medical: Hospitals operate in dark. Patients on dialysis and other life support threatened. Medications administered and babies born by flashlight.
    • Death and Injury: Casualties from exposure, carbon dioxide poisoning and house fires increase.
    “President Trump’s withdrawal from the bogus Iran nuclear deal, and his determination to denuclearize North Korea, are all the more important because even a single nuclear weapon possessed by these rogue states would pose an existential threat to North America by EMP attack,” Pry told Secrets.

    He also praised Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s focus on the issue in his role as chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Reform Committee, but slammed “Obama-holdovers and Deep State bureaucrats” for ignoring the report.

    The report warned that the type of conditions spelled out by Pry could last a long time due to the difficulties fixing the electric grid, which many have testified would be fairly cheap to harden against an attack.

    “The United States -- and modern civilization more generally -- faces a present and continuing existential threat from naturally occurring and man-made electromagnetic pulse assault and related attacks on military and critical national infrastructures. A nationwide blackout of the electric power grid and grid-dependent critical infrastructures -- communications, transportation, sanitation, food and water supply -- could plausibly last a year or longer. Many of the systems designed to provide renewable, stand-alone power in case of an emergency, such as generators, uninterruptible power supplies, and renewable energy grid components, are also vulnerable to EMP attack,” said the 27-page report.

    It called for a new wave of cooperation among government agencies to set protection standards, an EMP czar, and called for testing current systems against a simulated EMP attack.

    “With the development of small nuclear arsenals and long-range missiles by new, radical U.S. adversaries, the threat of a nuclear EMP attack against the U.S. becomes one of the few ways that such a country could inflict devastating damage to the United States,” concluded the report. It added, “It is critical, therefore, that the U.S. national leadership address the EMP threat as a critical and existential issue, and give a high priority to assuring the leadership is engaged and the necessary steps are taken to protect the country from EMP.”
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    Yield has a lot to do with the EMP, that and distance. To be able to EMP the US means you just EMP'd Mexico and Canada... Europe isnt going to like like that you just emp'd the friendly white north. Also, after that youre country just got wiped off the map because the rest of the world isnt going to tolerate it. However, terrorist groups getting their hands on some might be plausible. The politics of actually using a nuke are counter productive. Let's say S.Korea did launch one... Israel would blow it to hell with their nukes. Anyone who uses Nukes would make the rest of the world their enemy. So as much as people are afraid of it happening... the actual risk is pretty slim... so Sun it is.
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