Sensible Mountain Preparedness Seminar - Clyde, NC - 14 July, 2018

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    This seminar is in line with the "Preparedness" portion of the Bushcraft USA forum. Additionally, many of the folks who attend events created by Carolina Readiness are proponents of bushcraft skills.

    This event is an eight hour seminar held from 9am to 5pm on Saturday, July 14, 2018,at Heywood Community College in Clyde, NC. A total of seven one hour topics will be presented by noted subject matter experts from the southeast; details on the topics are available by going to the Carolina Readiness Supply website. The cost for the event is $25.00 per ticket if purchased at CRS at 72 Montgomery Street in Clyde, NC; tickets can also be obtained online via the store's website for $30.00 per ticket. A BBQ lunch can be purchased in advance for $10.00 per plate.

    Carolina Readiness Supply has held weekend seminars at locations in or near Clyde, NC over the past few years. Noted speakers from previous meetings have included Alan Kay, winner of the first season of Alone, and Dr. William Forstchen, author of One Second After.

    For more information, please visit
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