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    Hey, Badger Claw. I posted that I was looking for a leather sheath for a knife I had made and you were recommended twice in the thread.

    Here's the knife...

    I'm looking for a sheath that's pretty much two pieces of leather.

    First piece: I'd like to have the leather folded over the blade and the belt loop to be a continuation of the sheath upwards and folded over and riveted back to the back of the sheath. Second piece being a snap retaining loop on the upper part of the belt loop.

    I want to be able to return the knife (one handed) to it's sheath without having to look and snap it down.

    I'd like to have the sheath stitched and riveted for strength and durability.

    I will be more that happy to send you the knife for this process.

    Can this be done?

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